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Total Revolution Management Console

Our goal is a simple one; to bring new and exciting features to your TV, laptops and mobile devices whilst making the user interface much more intuitive and user friendly. Over the past few years we’ve seen a huge influx in devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android boxes, Windows tablets, Linux boxes, Macbooks etc. With each one of these systems comes a different user interface and many of them are not designed for the big screen, often a mouse is required which makes the whole process very difficult – especially for the older generation.

Target Unique Devices

No matter who your current hardware supplier is or what software solutions they offer you can now target individual units with software fixes or messaging – TRMC offers a unique content delivery and maintenance system. Whether there’s specific files you want to send to certain customers, remove problematic files or maybe you want to send messages/adverts en-masse to all devices linked to your account it can all be done at the click of a button. As you get to choose what devices are linked to your account you can even disable specific features from specific customers devices which is a perfect solution for any subscription based plans.


No longer do you need to navigate around confusing operating systems with settings hidden away in strange places, you can now install TRMC onto any of your devices and (optionally) have the system boot into this universal easy to use system. We believe there should never be the need for a mouse when trying to watch something on the TV! We’ve designed the system so you can access absolutely everything on your device directly from a simple to use homepage using nothing but a remote control (mouse supported too) and thrown in a whole lot of brand new features for you too.

The Total Revolution team have decades of experience with this software and are committed to long term development that results in a beautifully simple to use and self-updating system. Unlike others we do not believe in limiting the potential of hardware, our goal is to simplify without compromising on features and choice.

Who is this for?

– Anyone wanting access to the latest TotalRevolution software solutions (TV Guide, QlickPlay, Social Sharing etc.)
– Anyone wanting to fully maintain multiple devices for friends/family/customers.
– Anyone selling a device where you need to push advertisements/messages.
– Anyone looking for a fully automated way of synchronising content across multiple devices.
– Anyone who wants a legitimate and legally sound product.
– Anyone who wants a solid platform at the core of their devices.
– Anyone who wants to put their faith in a trusted team with decades of experience in this field.
– Anyone who is looking to be the first to add new exciting features onto their devices.

In a nutshell

We could go on and on but you get the idea… we’re constantly adding new features/improvements and the product is feature rich! Due to the extremely active development with the team constantly looking to break new boundaries you may find the information on this page is slightly outdated. Feel free to view in realtime what our developers are working on and what’s recently been pushed live by clicking on the “Roadmap” link at the top of the page.


Total Revolution, bringing your TV, Video, Movie and Music together.


Easy Setup

Before starting this project the question we asked ourselves is this… From a new user’s point of view what’s wrong with existing set top box and media center solutions? We were pretty sure we knew the main issue but just to make sure we ran some tests with a test group ranging from teenagers to grandparents and the results came back conclusive.

The main issue is you’re thrust into a confusing system with no initial startup wizard, there are lots of settings that need to be set by the end user but unless you have a computer science degree these settings can be very daunting. We’ve simplified this and created an easy to navigate setup wizard that goes through each essential step one at a time. From setting up the Wi-Fi to changing the appearance, now absolutely anybody can setup their system with ease in a matter of minutes.

We’ve made this startup wizard freely available to anyone at no cost. You can download it from http://trmc.tv/wizard – this url can also be added to the Kodi file manager and installed directly onto the device via the add-ons menu in settings. Please note, when installing it can take a little while to fully install so please be patient – the wizard will automatically start once fully installed.

Take a look at some of our unique software features only available on TRMC…

Social Sharing

One of our favourite features is the unique Social Sharing aspect of the system. This was designed by the Total Revolution team and is the first of it’s kind.

With just a few simple clicks any user can share any sections of their Kodi setup for others to install on their own system. The amount of content available via social shares really is unlimited and ranges from categories such as favourite sports teams, cooking recipes, fitness videos, kids and much more.

The beauty of this system is when the original user who shared the item decides to update their menu (e.g. changes some broken links or adds new sections) it will update on all users systems who installed that share!


Transform your experience and make your device stand out from the crowd with this revolutionary system for browsing all the latest movies, tv shows and YouTube channels. This will allow you to easily browse through the latest releases in a graphically rich environment full of artwork and related videos such as trailers/clips.

Not sure what you want to watch? Don’t worry just click on something that you’re vaguely interested in and you’ll then be able to click on actors that appear in that movie, show a list of their other movies and tv shows, click on one of them and then maybe click on an item in the “recommended” list and before you know it you may have gone from Star Wars > Mark Hamill > The Flash (tv show – yes he’s been in a few episodes of that too!) > Smallville. Very simple to navigate and all designed for everything to be close as possible to a one-click-play (hence the name QlickPlay).

As well as being able to search through all the tv/movie releases indexed on themoviedb.org which consists of virtually every movie/tv show ever made the system also allows you to watch trailers/clips of these videos. Not only can you watch YouTube based content but the system will also scan through your local media and any add-ons you have installed which means you can view the actual movie/show directly from within QlickPlay if any results are found. So whether you’ve got your DVD boxsets ripped to a hard-drive or you’ve got add-ons installed which contain links to the shows/movies (iPlayer, ITV Catchup etc.) it’s all accessible from one easy to navigate menu. As if that wasn’t enough you can also choose to add your favourite items to your library and keep track of what you’ve watched – the library will then automatically add any newly found episodes as and when they become available.

TV Guide

One of the great features of Kodi is you can watch your live channels received via your aerial/cable* and you can also supplement those channels with online streams. Our TV Guide takes care of that for you and is completely configurable; you can choose to install Live TV social shares (channels shared by other users), search your PVR, setup your own favourites and have those scanned in or even scan your installed add-ons for content and only list the channels found. By default it’s setup so that it will scan the add-ons installed on your system and only show the channels it’s found matches for, so for example if you’re in the UK and you only have the BBC iplayer and ITV add-ons installed it will only show BBC and ITV channels. You may then choose to install the FilmOn add-on which currently supplies the majority of freeview channels and you would also get those channels automatically added to the EPG. We are the first to introduce this automated method of scanning, making what was once a very technical challenge into something extremely simple.

We don’t stop there though, as great as it is to have a dynamically created TV Guide only showing the channels you have available we feel it’s only right that you should be able to watch things without adverts. If you have locally stored content or add-ons that match what’s currently being shown you can choose to watch via “catchup”. Imagine you’re browsing through the TV Guide and notice episode 2 of a show is on but you’ve not watched episode 1 yet, or maybe a movie is on but you’ve missed the start… Simply click on the catchup button and it will search your installed content for that show/movie and you can watch whatever episode/movie you want with the ability to fwd/rwd/pause too!

* Third party hardware is required for receiving channels via your aerial/cable, you can either use a plug and play device such as HDHomerun or for the more geeky out there you can create your own PVR backend with a TV tuner card/stick – this can be done relatively cheaply with a raspberry pi or an old PC if you have one spare.

Your World Of Media At Your Finger Tips.

Keep Up To Date

Maintenance Free

— The holy grail of any tech, maintenance free? —

We’ve designed a simple to use system where the manufacturer, sellers or even end users can create their own bespoke setups via a simple to use admin panel. There has never been a solution like this before, it’s taken over 18 months to develop and fully test (fully tested in a live environment, already being used on thousands of units worldwide) – we think you’ll find the results very pleasing to say the least.

The new code we’ve integrated allows for a huge amount of never before seen features which have been requested by various testing groups. Everything has been taken care of; choose which add-ons and menus to pre-install, full discrete maintenance, live messaging, send files, delete files and target multiple or individual units at the click of a button. Of course this gives the user unlimited choice, it may be they want a setup designed for health and fitness but they want the appearance to be based around their favourite sports team – this is no longer a dream, we have this solution now!

Possibly the best feature of this system is the fact that everything is self updating, if a user installs one of your menus and you edit the menu it will auto-change on their system without interrupting their Kodi experience. This really is the tip of the iceburg and for more information we recommend contacting us via the contact form.

Discover the Admin PanelClick the playlist options (top left) to select relevant video

Exciting things to come with Total Revolution including gaming and home automation.

Legality – A fully legal solution for resellers

As you’re no doubt already aware there have recently been a number of websites and resellers damaging the good name of Kodi and linking it to piracy. The XBMC foundation (the team behind the Kodi software) have spent many years trying to defend themselves against these rumours and are very much against any kind of piracy. The system was always designed to be a media center for locally stored content owned by the users.

The fact that certain third party developers have hooked into the opensource system and created add-ons capable of streaming legally grey content has been the catalyst for the piracy claims, this has knock on effects for any legitimate sellers of Kodi boxes.

As there doesn’t appear to be any clear cut solution for this problem we believe the end users are the only ones who can make a valid decision on what they do or don’t install. We strongly believe sellers should not be forcing “dubious” third party add-ons onto units without the consent of the buyer. As the Total Revolution team are also very much against piracy we’ve created solutions clients can hook into which should help educate users on the content they consider installing from third parties.

Our system isn’t designed to limit what users can install but instead help them make sure they are accessing appropriate content. We have a number of systems in in place to help with this, below are just a two but we are actively working on other solutions…

QlickPlay Integration – Our software will allow you to browse all the latest videos, reviews, trailers, YouTube clips etc. with lots of great eye candy but we do not condone any kind of piracy and do not supply any add-ons which provide access to copyrighted content. If a user has installed any add-on which can gain access to movies, tv shows or music then they will have the option to play that media; our software does not discriminate it just automatically interacts with whatever is installed on the system. For example if BBC iplayer is installed you would then have the ability to watch your favourite BBC episodes via the QlickPlay system rather than just browse the latest episode information and YouTube clips. Similarly if the user has their own digital media scanned into their library the system will pick this up and they can play their favourite tv, movies and music from their local library.

Adult Filter – The automated adult filter will only make adult content visible once a verified password has been entered, even content a user has installed themselves will automatically be hidden until unlocked. Unlike certain other solutions out there NO adult content is available until the correct password has been entered – this includes the ability to browse any add-on repositories.

Giving freedom back to the users.



We’re pleased to announce a new simple pricing structure featuring even lower rates and a 14 day free trial option with full access to all the great features and your own admin panel! Everyone receives the same great benefits, free admin panel setup is now included on all orders and all plans are now contract free meaning there’s no longer a minimum term agreement.

Minimum order amount: 20 licenses

License Fee: 10GBP / 12.72 USD * / 11,16 EUR * / 16.72 CAD *
* Invoiced in GBP (£), the above conversions are to be used as a guide only, they are based on todays exchange rates published by the ECB.

Bulk discount: for every 100 licenses purchased you’ll receive a discount of 5% (up to a maximum of 50%) on that order.

Ordering examples
100 licenses 5% discount on order total
200 licenses 10% discount on order total
500 licenses 25% discount on order total
1,000+ licenses the maximum 50% discount on order total



TotalRevolution LTD currently only offer commercial licensing solutions, as such there is a minimum order amount and payment can be made via bank transfer or Stripe. Please do not contact us requesting a license amount under 20, this is not possible.

Please note licenses are not issued until funds are cleared in our account, Stripe can take up to 10 days to clear so we recommend using bank transfer if you’re in a rush. We have now incorporated the Stripe gateway fees into our pricing structure so the price you see is the price you pay.

Please use the contact form for any sales enquiries, thank you.


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